New Year Hypno

New Year Hypno

New Year Hypno

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new year hypno just to set the tone for your new year? No matter what your so-called resolutions were even. Just to make sure you’re on the right path and your new year resolution is as Female supremacy-centric as it should be. That would bring total bliss for you and please Me immensely!

So it could be something as simple as transforming you into the perfect brainless gooning, drooling zombie for Me. That would take care of all of your relaxation and vacation needs. Or as extensive as turning you into nearly My own personal Manchurian Candidate. Either would serve Me well so either are possible aka probable where I’m concerned.

New You

Freedom is a myth. Listen, your mind was never truly yours to begin with. And your thoughts, never yours. Thus I seek to fully incarcerate both and put them to good use for the first time ever. Absorbing more and more of Me makes this process so utterly simple!

While you read My words, stare at My exotic curvy body or listen to My mesmerizing voice, your mind gets hungrier and hungrier for My teachings. And My attention, My affection, what little I’ll allow you. Immersing yourself in the programming of the divine Feminine is best done sooner, not later. A better you is just around the corner, all you need do is fully submit.

New Year Hypno

New Exploit

Additionally, converting you to Myakulpism is not a matter of ‘if’ it’s merely a matter of ‘when.’ Besides, your love and fascination with the hypnodomme world will lure you in deeper and deeper. Shall W/we mention the element of near maddening tease that I bring to the table too? Nah.

Certainly I would not consider you a conquest by any means. But, I do long to see the day you writhe, wriggle and worship at My feet. A fraction of the shallow egotistical patriarchly driven man you once were, now subdued by My Feminine powers. Especially My ability to get inside of your head and stay there, indefinitely. Rent free.

Now crawl to Me, your divine superior; wallet in mouth and edging yourself all the way into a new year hypo and eternal thralldom,

Goddess Mya Kulpa – Read and Connect – Look and Lust – Listen and Lull – Worship

2 thoughts on “New Year Hypno

  1. An ethereal start to the new year. I don’t even remember when you flipped the switch in my head (perhaps by your design), but the ‘at will’ nature of your power over me and my fragile mind is the most hypnotic and wicked alluring thing to bless me this new year. Thank you Lord Goddess Mya Kulpa.

  2. A dream recanted for testimony of Goddess Mya’s control over my subconscious:

    I dreamed I was in a hotel after a long days work trip; exhausted after cleaning up, I fell asleep but awoke in a sort of sleep paralysis. Hazy, I saw a perfect and powerful female silhouette glide through the darkness of the hotel suite, an avatar of the Goddess Mya Kulpa. It said nothing, but floated onto my bed and placed its breast on my forehead. Immediately I began chanting ‘Obey Goddess Mya Kulpa. Obey Goddess Mya Kulpa’ repeatedly, as though the specters power had replaced my every word and thought. I wanted so badly to touch, but my body remained paralyzed, and unable to do anything, other than recite my mantras. When I awoke in real life, in my own bed, I was still chanting ‘Obey Goddess Mya Kulpa’. I realized as I awoke that the reason I was not allowed to touch the specter was not only because I am unworthy of touching even an avatar of Goddess Mya, it was simply a lesson that it’s never been about my pleasure. It is only about obeying the whims of and providing entertainment to the Goddess Mya Kulpa. I am helpless to her overwhelming influence and power. I can only do my duty as a slave and try my best to amuse, and to obey.

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