Surrender Is Sweet.


Custom POV Videos

Custom POV videos start at just $15 per minute and are the absolute fan favorites for obvious reasons. More information:

Skype, Phone and Live Chat Sessions

Let the fun and frolic begin! Live virtual sessions, phone 2 phone and online chat with Me bridges that gap W/we call “distance.” But W/we both know there is no mountain high enough to keep you from groveling at My feet. Dive in:


Listen to the sounds of My smooth soothing mesmerizing voice. This is how I get boys like you all the time. But then again, I’m fairly certain that you want to be entangled in My web of elite Feminine divinity. your mental retreat. My Soundcloud:


Get better than social. Join Me on Loyalfans for fluid private chats and DMs. With all the same mindmelting, hypnotic audio and video content you love. Just more personal. Be loyal and I’ll make your sweettooth much worse here:



Brain-mushing fodder for free followers with the occasional gem. Well, it is Me, but My brain fodder makes every day your best day ever. And of course the superfluities, premium content for the true connoisseur of luxury sensual art creations. Videos, hypnotic audio files and beautifully crafted photos. My AVN Stars:



My dirty deeds are never done dirt cheap. I’m extremely expensive and proud of it as a Woman should be to a mere male. However, I will share some of them with you. And you can read My musing, find more information about Me as well as feast your eyes on some of My videos. My blog:

Ready to surrender and admire Me more?

3 thoughts on “Surrender

  1. Absolutely the best and only true Goddess, cause there is no other than Goddess Mya Kulpa! 😍❤️

  2. Your clips are slowly taking over my brain. For about a week every morning I wake up and NEED to buy a hypno clip. Smh @ me. I’m convinced that crystal is a weapon. At first it was just sexy, but now it kinda triggers me to want to submit.

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