New Foot Jewelry!

New Foot Jewelry!

New foot jewelry always brightens My day! I’ve received quite a bit of dazzling foot jewelry this month alone… that I can’t quite wear yet. Yes, it does get cold in Florida. Perhaps not to a New Yorker. But to Us “Floridolls,” it’s freezing!

Grin and bare it I shall just to dawn My new sparkly toes rings and anklets though. And gold seems to be My color so far this year. I will be adding more golden goodies to My Throne wishlist soon. But if you should happen to see something you’d love to gift Me, contact Me and I’ll add it for you.

Toe Rings

Or simply toerings, justly accentuate My long narrow feet and long toes. Wouldn’t you love to see Me stack them? 18K or 10K is usually the way to go for beautiful toerings in gold. They bend just enough so the don’t break with constant flexing during the on and off periods.

So, it’s time for a symbol of devotion from you to Me. Much more valuable than a wedding ring could ever be and far more prized. Since gifting My gracious foot with a beautiful ring in person is highly unlikely for you, cam! A Skype or Zoom POV virtual foot adorning is something you’ll plan for this month.

New Foot Jewelry


Because it is more than a mere piece of jewelry, I wear anklets more often than not. Have you noticed how much slimmer a sensual thin Feminine ankle looks when decorated with shiny anklets? Exactly! It’s stunning, eye-catching and arousing to most. Most that aren’t afraid to look down, that is.

‘I love wearing just to see whom I catch staring.’ And how long for too! I know men can’t resist staring at “shiny” so why not make temptation that much more irresistible? Especially when I’m crossing and uncrossing My legs in the sunlight at an outdoor bistro. Thus, far more fun awaits Me in the Springtime! Will you be My next lucky new foot jewelry tease-target?

The Goddess Mya Kulpa

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