Hypnotic Innuendos

Hypnotic Innuendos and Sexy Double Entendres

Hypnotic innuendos and sexy double entendres are two love languages I unknowingly used to speak in. But now, I’ve found that I’m not the only one that enjoys them. These are the deliciously deviant tools I use to make My new Patreon fan page a lot more sensually delicious.

Playing with your mind has always been beneficial and enjoyable but hypnotically charged sexual innuendos go a long way. Can you sometimes pick up on them or is it just Me? Many times I don’t even realize that I’m speaking in “naughty” but that’s half the fun!

Hypnotic Innuendos: Illusions and Hypnotic Imagery

The illusions and hypnotic imagery associated with mesmerizing word play is nothing new. Example: “Women like a man with a past, but they prefer a man with a present.” – Mae West. That has got to be one of My all time favorites. It’s classic word play in it’s own right.

Subtle word play can take your deep trance to a whole new pleasurable level. When you imagine Me speaking directly to you through My hypnosis audio files, you will often feel as though I am right there with you. Therefore bringing you closer to Me, closer to a deeper state of trance. And closer to that euphoric feeling you’re after.

Double Entendre Trance

A double entendre induced trance can cause a blissful state of confusion. Thus causing your mind to wander off before the manufactured meltdown more than usual. But once your mind drops off the deep end, I can then tease you without you even realizing it consciously. But subconsciously you become far more aroused than initially intended. Beautiful!

So when your cock has been locked up… away from the hen house for so long, see. Rooster pun? Is it possible that you were thinking chastity? Am I teasing you with what might be, what is or what could be? But while your mind is going slowly down that rabbit hole, you’ll be coming quickly. Coming right into My lovely layout of magical word play and turning your brain into blissful mush.

Goddess Mya Kulpa – Hypnokink Hypnodomme and Hypnoart creator

Enjoy more of My SFW hypnotic innuendos and sexy double entendres at http://www.iLoveMyaKulpa.com

Or if you’d like to take a walk on the wild side, visit: https://www.myakulpa.com/surrender/

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