Flirting With Your Brain

Flirting With Your Brain

Flirting with your brain is more than just a mere past-time for Me. It’s sometimes a sport in which I am My own competition. But still sport nonetheless. I’m doing more than testing the “field” also. Seeing what you’re made of and what I can make you into, for My pleasure and use, of course. This is where the fun often begins.

Is your mind open, are you helpless against My wilds? Do you find Me completely unapproachable, do I make you horny? I should have said that last bit with a Dr. Evil accent of course. I’m basically going to cram My tongue inside your head and lick, lick, lick it all… down!

POV Flirt

I often use My POV videos as a method of mindflirt; visually and audibly. It just adds to that inescapable drop that always occurs. Even when it’s not a hypnosis video. And I love hypnotease for a reason, several in fact. It’s so very easy to flirt with your eyes since men are basically visual creatures. But your mind? That’s where I want to go.

There’s only so much I can do and will do to lie to your eyes. But your brain? Oh the lies are a plenty! Why? Because you love it and I live for it! Getting in your head is exactly what you want Me to do. Staying there is where I benefit and what better way than teasing and taunting via video and audio. Just as if you’re really here with Me. Eventually, your mind wont even notice the difference!

Flirting With Danger

When I’m flirting with your brain that element of danger gets too tempting to resist, quickly. But once I reset your mind, spiral you downward and your thoughts shut down, it gets real. Real quick. you can’t differentiate when I’m being affectionate and suggestive or simply mesmerizing you. you want it all! Trance, tease, the whole nine.

But what if you fall too hard too fast? What if you take temporary to mean long term? How about your memories of My past flirting exploits? Getting addicted to My attention is half the fun! Long for it, crave it, beg for it. It’s only going to get more and more intense in time. After all, I do tend to stay on minds and in hearts but not in place, puppet. Now flirt with Me.



That visual aesthetic to start the ball rolling:

Adore the palpitations:

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