Filming Your Fun

Filming Your Fun

Filming Your Fun

Filming your fun is My gift to you through My beautifully crafted custom POV videos. I am adored and cherished for it! There’s a certain unmatched, unrivaled sensation you get when I speak directly you through My POV videos. It melts you in such a way like nothing else can. L/let’s face it, you will never have Me nor anyone of My caliber in your life the way society tries to train you as a man to believe that you should. Those are just ego-feeding lies.

But what is real is that watching Me, listening to Me, gives you more than you could ever hope to gain in a non-virtual relationship. A desolate wasteland of basic bottom feederism is just not appealing to anyone. Nor has it ever been. I’m the owner of a sea of masticated minds that I mold into blissful little puppets seeking to serve Me. And it feels nearly too good to be true.

Always Anticipating Release

Although the tease and sensual torment keeps you on the edge, waiting, this is where I choose to keep you. It’s how I choose to keep you. I build your anticipation up more and more with every minute while filming your fun. Wanting release will always trump actual release. I build yours up just to break it down right be fore the ‘very’ edge is reached. Just to start the hard cycle all over again and again.

For example, My findom videos leave My chattel trembling and aching, not knowing what I shall take control over next. Will it be frivolous spending? Or will it simply be adding rules to what they may and may not buy. And this creates a whole new level of anticipation causing them to long for even more of My control and love it! No ejac gained nor needed. As a result, more of a mental “O” is achieved.

Belonging To Bliss

Belonging can always be a great motivator. When it’s just Me and you in My videos, foolish social acceptance goes right out of the window. Even more so upon joining the community; My Cloister, My empire! This allows you to focus on similarities with others rather than ways you are so very different. And quickly you will find how others, just like you, are quite smitten with Me. Others that long for My relaxing pskink and psydom training.

In the end, you’ll find that your shared experiences and feelings for Me are natural even though W/we have never met. Idolatry is grand but only when the subject is more than deserving of it. And with every moment you spend in a blissful trance gazing at Me, you’ll come to know who “The One” truly is. More later but for now, it’s time to start filming your fun and getting much more intimate with The Goddess Mya Kulpa.

Surrender is sweet:

Full surrender is even sweeter:

One thought on “Filming Your Fun

  1. I love how Goddess Mya Kulpa is able to control me and do whatever she wants.

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