Because Mommy Domme Says So

Because Mommy (Domme) Says So

I never would have imagined that part of My therapy protocol to some of you pets would be sentences ending in, “Because Mommy says so.” I’m here for it, clear and present. I struggled with the Mommy-domme initiative for years. But finally had some long and enlightening conversations with unsuspecting brain-matter subjects and dismissed all of My prior issues, easily. And as long as I’m doing it My way and laying down all the rules, as always, it works! I owned My own “Duh!” moment.

I imagined the audience for this type of therapy, yes, therapy (I don’t partake in the fetish version) would be quite small. Wrong! So utterly wrong. Some of My top subs right now ask for this and this only. That’s EXTRA special and My preferred way of going about this topic. No one can get testy and try to deviate from the actual topic. Win-win. Mommy domme says so.

Mommy Domme

Those two words, Mommy and dom, are nearly synonymous for what should be obvious reasons. Well, when the “domming” is done correctly that is. Yes, I said and don’t get your panties in a bunch about it or you’ll find them up in your throat instead. If “there’s a right and a wrong way to love somebody” and there is, then naturally, yes.

I’ll not be role assuming though, I don’t need to fall into a basic little roleplay. This topic and lifestyle just cling to Me like static wrap naturally. I’m naturally dominant and raise minis and grown-ass men as well. Still do to this day. I am more than a Goddess to worship or a MILF to drool over. I am powerful, commanding and always in control as nature intended. Mommy domme says so.

Matriarch Control

If you’re here because you were prowling for freaky step-Mom fantasies, you’re truly in the wrong place. This is a maternal power pull with no games played. This takes Female dominance one step further, to the highest level that most will ever get to experience. It’s more than just therapy, it’s a whole brain shift for some of My slaves. Could your brain use a shift? How would you even know?

I’ve even found that this method far surpasses basic Female domination and even Femdom-hypnosis and mesmerize techniques as far as bringing boys into reality. So am I a Mommy-therapist now? No, not exactly, but what I am is what I have always been and ever shall be,

Exotic. Elegant. Evil.

your lord,

(Mommy domme says so,)

Goddess Mya Kulpa

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