New Foot Jewelry!

New Foot Jewelry! New foot jewelry always brightens My day! I’ve received quite a bit of dazzling foot jewelry this month alone… that I can’t quite wear yet. Yes, it does get cold in Florida. Perhaps not to a New Yorker. But to Us “Floridolls,” it’s freezing! Grin and bare it I shall just to […]

New Year Hypno

New Year Hypno Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new year hypno just to set the tone for your new year? No matter what your so-called resolutions were even. Just to make sure you’re on the right path and your new year resolution is as Female supremacy-centric as it should be. That would bring […]

Flirting With Your Brain

Flirting With Your Brain Flirting with your brain is more than just a mere past-time for Me. It’s sometimes a sport in which I am My own competition. But still sport nonetheless. I’m doing more than testing the “field” also. Seeing what you’re made of and what I can make you into, for My pleasure […]

Filming Your Fun

Filming Your Fun Filming your fun is My gift to you through My beautifully crafted custom POV videos. I am adored and cherished for it! There’s a certain unmatched, unrivaled sensation you get when I speak directly you through My POV videos. It melts you in such a way like nothing else can. L/let’s face […]

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