Mya Kulpa

Mya Kulpa Mya Kulpa, Femme fatale, dominant mesmerizer and influencer. Fetish furnace and your upscale downfall. FLR. TPE. Reclamation. An assize is afoot. I’m an exotic, curvy, bronze and ultra Feminine Female dominant; breaking hearts, making marques (and marks,) melting minds, controlling c*cks, emptying and owning wallets as trophies and for leverages sake… When I’m […]

Because Mommy (Domme) Says So

I never would have imagined that part of My therapy protocol to some of you pets would be sentences ending in, “Because Mommy says so.” I’m here for it, clear and present. I struggled with the Mommy-domme initiative for years. But finally had some long and enlightening conversations with unsuspecting brain-matter subjects and dismissed all […]

New Foot Jewelry!

New Foot Jewelry! New foot jewelry always brightens My day! I’ve received quite a bit of dazzling foot jewelry this month alone… that I can’t quite wear yet. Yes, it does get cold in Florida. Perhaps not to a New Yorker. But to Us “Floridolls,” it’s freezing! Grin and bare it I shall just to […]

New Year Hypno

New Year Hypno Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new year hypno just to set the tone for your new year? No matter what your so-called resolutions were even. Just to make sure you’re on the right path and your new year resolution is as Female supremacy-centric as it should be. That would bring […]

Flirting With Your Brain

Flirting With Your Brain Flirting with your brain is more than just a mere past-time for Me. It’s sometimes a sport in which I am My own competition. But still sport nonetheless. I’m doing more than testing the “field” also. Seeing what you’re made of and what I can make you into, for My pleasure […]

Filming Your Fun

Filming Your Fun Filming your fun is My gift to you through My beautifully crafted custom POV videos. I am adored and cherished for it! There’s a certain unmatched, unrivaled sensation you get when I speak directly you through My POV videos. It melts you in such a way like nothing else can. L/let’s face […]

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